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Superheroes are all the rage right now. They’re all over the big screen, they’re all over T.V., and they’ve been in comic books for decades. And now, even when you need to be cleaned up and professional you can still show you love and admiration for your favorite hero with superhero cufflinks. Maybe your favorite hero and you share a similar personality; Perhaps you adore them because of how they embody your values. They could be your inspiration to be more and do better. Let’s talk about some of the big names in the hero community and see if we can find you the perfect hero to wear on your wrists.


            Superman- the ultimate American hero. He may not be from this planet but he has helped humanity defeat their foes countless times. His first appearance was 1938 but he didn’t have the superpowers that we think of today, he was only an extraordinarily strong man. He is known to have a righteous personality, a humanitarian who cared about the poor, the downtrodden, and was there to protect the people. He is kind-hearted and brave though prone to bouts of depression and loneliness because of the loss of his home planet.


            Batman- the not so super superhero. Batman is a man with an incredible amount of money and several geniuses at his disposal but no actual powers. His first appearance was in 1939. He got his notoriety with his skills and cunning. We know his traumatizing back story, something no one would even want to imagine, but it was this event that launched Bruce Wayne on his quest to physical prowess, incredible intelligence, and his determination to fight crime. Batman is a vigilante and has always been treated as such, though he does good, he is often demonized. He is brooding, intelligent, strong, and determined almost to the point of obsessively so.


            Captain America- the perfect super soldier. His first comic book appearance was in 1941 to fight the Axis powers during the war. He got his powers from a serum from the government’s program to create a super soldier. Technically he doesn’t have super powers, he is just at the ultimate peak of physical dexterity. He has a lot of leadership and battle experience which makes him a knowledgeable tactician and amazing commander. He is a man out of time and tries hard to hold onto his ideals. He is smart, strong, gutsy, and loyal.


            Iron Man- Another rich man with no actual superpowers besides his super brain. He first appeared in 1963 and has always been known for his iron suit. While in captivity Tony Stark builds himself a suit to escape instead of building the weapons he was told to. Tony is an expert in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, and quantum mechanics. He is respected and respectful, ingenious, unorthodox, and physically formidable.


            Spiderman- the angsty teenage superhero. He first appeared in 1962 and has always been plagued with different problems. However, he is considered one of the most successful superheroes along with Batman and Superman because he broke the mold of what a superhero always was. He is thought to have an Oedipus complex and inferiority complex, partly because he is so young. He is considered a “law-upholding liberal” by historian Bradford Wright, but will always be a superhero for younger folks to look up to. He is wrought with the troubles of a teen and the sense of righteousness that comes with his vigilante justice.


            Superhero cufflinks help you keep your favorite superhero with you as inspiration. They make an excellent conversation starter because everyone loves the idea of a hero. So pick your favorite and order your superhero cufflinks from today!

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