Let Your Inner Sailor Shine with Nautical Cufflinks

Sterling Boat Anchor CufflinksCufflinks make a great way for you to show off your interests while still maintaining professionalism. Nautical cufflinks are the perfect way to show your interest in sailing and boating or perhaps your service in the Navy or Coast Guard. There are many symbols and flags associated with maritime activities and you can get those symbols on cufflinks. Some symbols are self-explanatory, like an anchor or compass, but others are more allegorical. A lot of popular nautical symbols we see came from the long tradition of sailors getting tattooed to symbolize different things. Enjoy this quick explanation of popular symbols you can find on your next set of nautical cufflinks!


Anchor- not only is it the self-explanatory symbol but this well-known symbol also means that the person has unwavering faith and sailors would get the anchor tattoo after they finished a successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. It would also symbolize a merchant mariner.


Swallow- these beautiful birds symbolize a sailor reaching five thousand nautical miles. They also can symbolize “home”, which could be your actual home, your boat, or even death. It was believed that these birds would carry your soul where it belongs.


Nautical Star- probably one of the most well-known and embraced nautical symbol, the nautical star is representative of the North Star or Polaris and would give the mariners a guide.


Crossed Guns or Cannons- this is the symbol to identify a member of Naval armed service.


Mermaids- these were the scourge of lonely sailors out at sea, enticing the men with their song, much like the sirens of Greek and Roman mythology. The beautiful and seductive half woman, half fish is the analogy for the sailor’s lust to be out at sea even though the dangers of the open oceans are well known.


Rope- rope can represent a past or present deckhand.


Harpoon- this symbol identifies a member of a fishing fleet.


“Hold Fast”- sailors would get this tattooed on their hands as a reminder to hold on tight to riggings during bad weather or potentially get thrown off the ship.

Golden Dragon- this is the symbol for a sailor that has crossed the International Date Line (approximately the 180th meridian).


Fully Rigged Ship- Cape Horn is one of the most infamous bodies of water in the world. It is located on the very southern tip of Chili and was a gigantic milestone for clipper ships. The waters are especially treacherous because it’s where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide and it home to some extraordinarily rough winds, waters, and gigantic rouge waves (up to one hundred feet). To top it off there are also icebergs, and all these factors combined has made this cape particularly notorious for being a sailor’s graveyard. A fully rigged ship symbolizes a successful passage through the feared Cape Horn.


            There are many other popular nautical symbols, but the above mentioned are some of the more well-known and easiest to find on nautical cufflinks. Showcase your maritime achievements with a beautiful set of nautical cufflinks today!

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