Add a Little Super to Your Suit

BAM! POW! CRASH! ZOINKS! Holy crime-fighters, Batman! DC Comics super heroes have captured our imaginations for nearly 100 years! They represent the best of us. They are brave, honest, strong, smart, gifted and confident. Beginning with Superman in 1938, these masked protectors of the people h
ave fought evil and struggled with their differences to the fascination of comic book readers, television watchers and movie goers alike.

We can’t get enough of these masked men and women. We buy their comic books, graphic novels, DVDs, video games, costumes and apparel. But I bet there is one item that you haven’t considered adding to your superhero collection: cufflinks.

Here me out! These aren’t your father’s ugly rotary member or Masonic cufflinks. These cufflinks are cool! They are fun. And they will bring that sense of cool fun to a boring, suit wearing occasion. Sure, you have to wear a jacket and a tie, but every time you look down at your shirt cuffs, your pulse will quicken at the sight of your favorite super hero or super hero symbol.

Are you a fan of Batman? You have choices! Go with the understated DC Comics Satin Black Batman Logo or the Silver Batman Logo cufflinks. If you’d like to add a little color, select the black and yellow enamel bat symbol oval cufflinks. Or you could go with a more classic comic book Batman with the Batman Action Cufflinks. These unique accessories show the caped crusader, in full comic realistic color, charging toward danger with his cape flying behind him. If you’d like to add a little humor and color to your ensemble, go with a piece of memorabilia of the classic Batman television series – The DC Comics BAM! Batman Cufflinks. These cufflinks are in the shape of a colorful red starburst. The word “BAM!” is written in large, yellow comic font on top of it. These cufflinks will give your suit some serious action, whether you are sitting in a meeting or out fighting crime.

Just like with Batman, there’s a similar line of cufflinks devoted to the eponymous Superman. There is a full spectrum of options. From the simple Superman Shield symbol cufflinks in satin black, silver or full color enamel, to the full comic book image of the DC Comics Superman Action Cufflinks that shows Superman flying to mete out justice. There’s even a set of cufflinks that depict Superman’s iconic cape in striking red enamel.

But perhaps you are into some of the lesser well-known super heroes in DC Comics’ war chest. How about The Flash? The Flash has been inspiring imaginations and fighting crime since 1940. And now you can celebrate your love for this classic comic book character with the official DC Comics The Flash Action Cufflinks. These silver plated cufflinks are in the shape of The Flash springing into action. The image is detailed in stippled, full color enamel. It looks like The Flash has sped right off the pages of a comic book and onto your cuffs.

These examples are just the tip of the super hero cufflinks iceberg. For those occasions where your DC Comics tee shirt is not
appropriate, bring out the DC Comics cufflinks! They are a great way to express your love of the comics even when you are attending a formal event. Whether you are a member of the Justice League or merely an aspiring hero, these cufflinks will add a dash of super to your suit.

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