How To Wear Cufflinks?

Cufflinks should not be worn off the cuff!

It requires a certain amount of creative thinking and the right attitude to wear an ornament like the cufflink. First of all, you need to appreciate the fact that cufflinks come in a variety of styles, colors, and themes. You should wear appropriate cufflinks for each occasion with matching apparel. Simply put, the cufflinks you wear should complement your overall personality and style.

Wearing cufflinks is pretty straightforward. Most people prefer the ‘kissing cuffs’ option in which you pinch the sleeve ends together flat so that they extend out from your wrist. Another alternative is to fold the cuff-ends together as you normally do with cuff buttons. Close the swivel bar of your cufflink and insert it through the aligned holes from the outside, then re-open the swivel bar to secure the cuff. It’s that simple!

Cufflinks add to the glamour and style quotient if worn with a suit jacket and tie. As a rule the cuff links you choose should match the tone of your belt buckle, wristwatch or wedding band. The color, material, stone, color, style, and theme are a matter of personal taste, but the bottom line is that your choice of cufflinks should be consistent with your dress and the occasion.

Beware that you are buying the right cufflink. Some men’s cufflinks are different from women’s cufflinks, and you should always buy the appropriate set of cufflinks if presenting them as a gift to someone special. For instance, if the size of a cufflink is unusually large, it is most likely tailor-made for a man. Most women prefer a smaller cufflink or the traditional silk knot cufflinks.

You should also be conscious of the fact that specialized cufflinks can, and should be purchased for their intended recipient. If, for example, you plan to gift cufflinks to a lawyer friend you should think about ordering special Lawyer-themed Cufflinks, like a gavel or justice scale. Similarly, if the recipient is a sports fanatic there are special sports-themed cufflinks like NFL Team Football Cufflinks, MLB Baseball Team Cufflinks and more. If the occasion is a wedding, be sure to don a special pair of cufflinks that add grace and elegance to your outfit. And a creative pair of novelty cufflinks can lend a special look to any casual occasion.

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