Seven Gift Ideas Under $50 For Your Wedding Entourage

Seven Gift Ideas Under $50 For Your Wedding Entourage | Cufflink Aficionado
Weddings are very important events in our lives. We make sure that all details, big and small, are taken good care of. Sometimes, we cannot do all the nitty-gritty details ourselves. There is a big need to delegate. And that is why we have the bridesmaids and groomsmen to assist us in our needs.

To show our appreciation for all the help our friends gave, do not forget to give them thank-you gifts. And here are some suggestions that will not break your wedding budget for these items are all under $50:

1. A gift certificate for a book or CD. A book or a music lover would surely appreciate this present. You need not think about which title or album to choose because the choice will be theirs to make. Furthermore, it is a gift that works for both men and women.

2. A spa certificate for both men and women. All the hard work leading to your wedding can be stressful. Why not reward the entourage with a trip to the spa? A much-needed break will help relieve the stress away. A great massage will soothe those tired muscles.

3. A small accent bag that the ladies can use for the wedding. The tiny details like pins or matches for the wedding ceremony plus their compact make up kit can be discreetly and elegantly hidden in this bag. And the plus? They can still use it after the wedding for other occasions.

4. A pair of silver chandelier earrings for the ladies. They can even use it to complement the gown they will be wearing on the wedding day. No need for the girls to agonize what earrings to wear. With many designs to choose from, no need for uniformity. A great remembrance that the ladies can use during the ceremony. It is also practical for they can use it again and again after the event.

5. A belt for the gentlemen. They might need a formal belt to match their suit for the wedding. Helping them pick this accessory for the wedding will be one less worry for them. So, it is both a practical and style-savvy gift to give.

6. A pair of cufflinks for the gentlemen. Your groomsmen would certainly love it if you make it a bit personal, such as giving sports team cufflinks because you took time to know their favorite sports team. They will surely have fun wearing the sports team cufflinks on your wedding. Then, they will wear it again and again afterwards.

7. A box of chocolates would surely be a welcome treat to your sweet-toothed friends. A box of these chocolates may be an elegant and yummy way of saying thank you for their efforts in helping make your day truly special.

There are many more gift suggestions under $50 for your entourage. Whatever you choose, remember that a sincere appreciation is all it takes for your friends to feel that you are truly grateful for the help they have given.

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