How to Personalize Your Cufflinks

How to Personalize Your Cufflinks|Engraved Cufflinks | Cufflink Aficionado
There are so many designs for a collector of cufflinks to choose from, ranging from classic to novelty, serious to quirky, intricate to simple. One can have a pair of sports team cufflink to suit the sports aficionado. A jewel-encrusted pair is fit for a lady who loves to wear cufflinks. There is even a USB cufflink for the on-the-go techie.

A more personal and meaningful way to wear your cufflinks is to have it engraved. Putting your own stamp into this accessory is a great way to have a fashion statement. Your initials or short verse or even a witty message can draw interest on your tiny accessory. It does not only add points to your style but it also adds points to your pizzazz. Surely, you must consider having a pair or two engraved.

How can you personalize this tiny accessory, you might ask? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The usual engraved cufflinks have the person’s initials on it. Even at the beginning of using this accessory, men have been engraving their initials into it. Sometimes, the family’s crest or seal of the noblemen are engraved to their cufflinks to put a more personal touch to their accessory. Such simple elegance suits the more conservative tastes in fashion. It sends a message that you want to be taken seriously. Corporate dressing with such accessory can lend an air of class and respect to your peers and bosses alike.

However, there are times when you want to put your hair down and reveal a more humorous persona. Hence, engravable cufflinks with quirky messages can tickle our fancy and pique the interest of others. Your accessory would surely be the talk of the office. Here are some pairs of funny messages engraved: “Good, Bad”, “Love, Hate”, “Law, Order”, “Heads, Tails”, or “Naughty, Nice”. Sometimes, a longer funny message can be engraved: “My way is just better, I’m not stubborn”, “I’m the boss, I’m never wrong” “How do you make a small fortune? Start big!” Wearing such witty message can surely earn some laughs from your peers. It can also be a great conversation starter.

Special occasions can also call for engravable cufflinks. Greeting your Dad on Father’s Day can be more meaningful when you engrave it on his cufflinks from a simple ”I love you Dad” or “World’s Best Dad” to his favorite quote. It could probably turn out to be his most prized accessory.

Your child’s graduation can also be a good reason to engrave a cufflink. Recognizing his achievement with a short message “Way to go” or “Good luck” is one way of appreciating his efforts. Your gift could be handy once he starts his corporate job for he would surely need it with his suit.

Weddings are also a good reason to personalize your cufflinks. As a proud groom, your suit will have more character if you complement it with your engravable cufflinks. It is usual for grooms to engrave their names and wedding date. Even the entourage and the families of the bride and groom can have their accessories initialized too. It would make a lovely souvenir for them.

So, the next time you add a cufflink to your collection, consider having it engraved for a more personal touch. It adds pizzazz to your accessory.

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