Expressing the Real You With Great Accessories

Accessorizing is a term that has been, more often than not, associated with women: from scarves to jewelry to purses, women seem to have a predominant need for accessories - and a wider range of these trinkets to choose from. A woman's boudoir would undoubtedly have several cases of bangles and bracelets, earrings and rings, and watches to fit any mood or occasion. There are even cases when they have multiple items of the same kind, because they have it in different colors. And let us not get started on the range of hair and make-up products stashed away in drawers, or scattered on the bureau, things that will create a whole different article on its own.

Women, however, are not the only ones who accessorize. There are probably an equal number of men's accessories available for them to choose from - although they are not at keen as shopping for them as women are. You are less likely to see a man stroll aimlessly around the men's accessories section of Bloomingdale's or Macy's, on the off-chance that they will find accessories that will catch their fancy. Real men, or so they say, make purchases - they do not shop. That, however, is a question that is best answered in an entirely different piece. At any rate, the absence of the desire to shop - at least for most men - does not mean that they do not need, or have, accessories.

The bottom line is that, regardless of one's gender, accessories serve as a great way to bring that Classic Cufflinksextra "oomph" into your outfit, and help you project the kind of image you want to achieve. One can certainly tell the eccentric graphic artist, for instance, from the Wall Street yuppie, based on the clothes that he or she wears, and the accessories that go with their outfits. For men, accessories can come in the form of strategically-placed jewelry, watches, hats, cufflinks and belts.

Beyond just projecting an image, accessories may also serve the purpose of expressing that "other side" of a person. After all, there are those who have day jobs that may bind them to desks for eight hours, but who may be found jamming on the drums at a local pub at 10 pm. His look at 8 am will most definitely be worlds apart from his look after dark. The coat may be replaced by a leather jacket, the tie discarded in favor of a chunky chain. There will be no need for cufflinks, but there may be a funky bracelet around one wrist, where a dress watch may have been.

Having said that, it certainly makes a lot of sense to have a collection of accessories that will go with your various moods and activities, and it may be worth your while to wander aimlessly at the mall from time to time. You might get lucky and land the perfect pair of Classic Men's Cufflinks, or trendy watch, to add to your collection. In addition to having accessories that showcase your personality, it is as important to ensure that you have accessories on hand for such formal occasions as weddings and office functions.

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