Wedding Party Cufflinks

So, you're getting married. Congratulations! There's a lot to cover between now and your special day. As the groom-to-be about to embark on this special journey of marriage, you are luckily exempt from many of the stresses of wedding planning; sure you may have to go with your bride to test various wedding cake options (easy enough) and pick out the china (just go with the flow on this one), but you might be one of the lucky guys whose bride leaves a lot of the details and planning up to herself and her bridesmaids and mother.

One tradition you might get roped into, however, is the selection of the wedding party gifts. Now, you might be thinking, wait, what? Aren't I the one who is meant to receive gifts? It is, after all, MY wedding. True, but you and your bride have likely asked a few select close friends to be part of your wedding party; they'll shell out a couple hundred bucks for dresses/suits/tuxes they will never wear again; transportation costs and hotel stays (for the duration of your wedding events) they will likely get to enjoy. The least you could do is acknowledge their participation and friendship with a small token of appreciation. Traditionally, the bride will select the gifts for her bridesmaids leaving you flying solo to choose the gifts for your best guy friends.

A great groomsmen gift that not only speaks "class" but is equally useful for the wedding is a great set of cufflinks.

We offer special discounts to wedding parties intending to purchase multiple sets of wedding cufflinks for the groom, best man, groomsmen, father of the bride, and other members of the wedding party. Please contact us if you are planning a large wedding party purchase. We can help.

Below are just a few of our more popular Wedding Cufflinks favorites.

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