What the Contents of Your Luggage Says About You

What's inside one's luggage may be very private for some, but when given a chance to look into someone else's luggage, one may actually learn a lot about the kind of person that he or she is. Your luggage is actually a miniaturized version of the things that you prefer to have and to use at home, being as it were that it holds the items that you will use in your home away from home. Let's take a peek at your own luggage and see which kind of person you are.

The techie yuppie. For starters, do not be surprised by the weight of this person's luggage. You would probably wonderComputer Chip Cufflinks right off the bat exactly what contributes to that much weight. Once you unzip it, you may be quite surprised by the fact that there does not seem to be that many clothes in there; but lo and behold, you have every other gadget accessory imaginable. There may be a hub that could be attached to the computer via a USB, for the various gadgets that he undoubtedly has on him and that he may need to use to sync with his (or her) computer. There may also be extra batteries - multiple batteries, for various gadgets. And then there is that extra power cord, just in case, and a universal adapter.

It's a girl! We go back to the weight of the luggage, and we will say that if weight alone is to be considered, then you may not be able to tell a girl's luggage from that of a techie. Unzipping the luggage, however, will reveal that difference. Instead of electronics, you will undoubtedly be greeted by more clothes (and associated accessories) than you thought was possible to wear on a week-long trip, or fit into that darn bag to begin with. There has to be a separate bikini for each day of the week, and an alternate in case something goes wrong. There will be stilettos for "if and when" you decide to go out somewhere fancy, and hiking boots for when you decide to rough it a little. She will probably end up going home without using half of the stuff in there, plus a few more articles that she picked up while on the trip.

The backpacker. One obvious characteristic is the backpack - an oversized one that you feel can fit a child. Another obvious characteristic: he or she is bringing the backpack, and only the backpack. Here is someone who would rather not be held down by multiple luggage, and would like to focus on the adventure of being in a new place, and making new memories.

Bicycle CufflinksThe sports enthusiast. The sports enthusiast will most probably have multiple luggage, 
because the other one is probably holding only his sports gear; many a flight from the East Coast to the West in the dead of winter, for instance, will probably be carrying huge bags with golf clubs, for the golf enthusiast. Even their non-sports related accessories may belie the sport that they are very much interested in; do not be surprised, for instance, to find a pair of bicycle cufflinks in the luggage of a cyclist or golf cufflinks for golfers. Sports cufflinks have grown common these days as many men are now into both fancy gatherings and sports activities.

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