6 Tips for Using Cufflinks to Update Your Formal Look

When you get dressed for a formal event, there are many aspects that come together to make your look one to remember. To add that extra touch of sophistication, you should consider using cufflinks.

There are so many different ways to wear cufflinks; all you have to do is decide the style that you are going for in your outfit. There are a few tips, though, to help you in creating this perfect look, so you should listen to them to ensure that your cufflinks are being used in the best way possible.

Do Not Get Excessive

It is easy to be excessive in your use of cufflinks, especially if you have multiple ones or do not know how to wear them. Make sure that you are wearing a set that accentuates your look. A good way is to match them with your jewelry. If you are wearing a gold ring, wear a pair of cufflinks with gold accents. You can even match the design to your outfit. Just don't be too gaudy about it. Keeping it simple is the best route to take if you want to impress others.

Pick the Right Touch

When it comes to knowing how to wear cufflinks, you also need to know how to pick just the right touch. Cufflinks come in all types of designs, from silver to gold or anywhere in between. Depending on the event that you are attending, you must choose the right touch for your outfit. Otherwise, it will not look put together. For example, if you are attending a more formal event, such as a gala or ball, then gold or silver would be appropriate depending on your color scheme.

The Proper Shirt

You need to choose the right shirt to go with your various cufflinks. If you select a nice, professional, and fancy white french press shirt, then you do not need to be choosing a bronze or off-color cufflinks. Instead, you need either a gold or a silver one to complete the look. However, if you are simply attending a business meeting in an oxford shirt, then you can opt for a less sophisticated material for your cufflinks. You should always pick your cufflinks after you put on your shirt and evaluate what kind of event you are going to attend.

Pair Them Accordingly

If you have multiple cufflinks in your closet, then chances are that you might have trouble pairing them for your outfit. If you have matching cufflinks, always go for that before anything else. However, if you have mismatching ones, try to choose ones that are of the same material or have the same theme or color scheme. That way, you do not have two completely different cufflinks complementing your suit and tie. You might be able to get away with mismatched socks, but your cufflinks should be an identical match.

Special or Normal

Many want to know what exactly what are cufflinks for, as some people where them at any occasion where they are dressed up. However, all you need to know is what type of event you will be attending. After you know that, you can pick out your suit and shirt, and then your cufflinks to go along with the ensemble. Nothing looks better than someone who is put together properly for either a special or more normal event.

Great for Gift Giving

A wise thing to do when you attend a fancy party is to bring a gift, say, cufflinks, to give to the host. Cufflinks are revered as being classy. Offering your thanks in the form of a set of cufflinks means a lot to the receiver. It also looks more impressive that not only do you have cufflinks on, but you are giving others cufflinks as well to update their look. Carry a gift to have more appeal.

Your formal look requires something extra, something sophisticated and nice. Cufflinks provide the perfect answer if you are looking for something to upgrade your suit and tie. The important thing is that you know how to properly wear your cufflinks when you are attending prominent events and business meetings. Only then can you really wow your audience and gain their respect.

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