Gift Ideas Under $50 for Your Brother

He is that guy whom you grew up with and shared many memories with. He can make you laugh or cry.  He can also drive you absolutely insane. He can be the guy who drives you nuts. But above all, no matter what, he is the guy you absolutely love.  He is your brother after all.

After all these years of knowing him, sometimes you still get stumped on what to get him during special occasions. And if the gift isn't the right one, you'll never hear the end of it. So, how do you solve this? Try these gift ideas.  They just might work. Best of all, these items are inexpensive so it will not break your budget.

Start with knowing some of your brother's interests. These may vary from time to time so it is best to stay current. Trends also change.  Expect his to change as well.

If your brother is a rabid sports fan, make sure you know his favorite team and get busy searching for a gift with his team's insignia. Examples are the coffee mug, key holder or even bike plates. Make the gift even more personal by putting his name or initials on it. He will surely love your thoughtfulness and maybe spare you some ribbings for an indefinite time.

Another sports fan favorite is the hooded sweat shirt or more commonly known as the hoodie. This gift is ideal for your teenage brother, who will definitely love wearing it over and over again. Having his team on his sweater will show his love for the game.

If, however, your brother is now more of the "corporate dresser", sports team cufflinks might be more to his liking. Raise the bar of his sophistication by giving him a set of cufflinks capturing his favorite team logo. He'll not only send a message that he's a big fan, he'll also make an elegant fashion statement! And he'kll have you to thank for making him look clever and stylish in a suit.

If your brother is more of a techie, he will surely love to receive computer accessories. A mouse pad is simple but useful. Make it more interesting by having his name on it. A USB bracelet is also a practical gift especially if he is still a student. A laptop accessory kit can also be handy for your techie brother.

If he is more of a gamer, a game certificate might work for him. You don't need to choose the game for him, he can choose it himself. Or a set of nice headphones might be more to his liking, and yours as well. Plus, a good set of headphones will muffle out the sounds going on around him...and other won't have to listen to the constant sound of his game.  That equals more peace and quiet at home!

If he is a movie buff, a lot of movie related collector's items are available. From t-shirts to action figures to clock radios, these items are sure to capture your brother's interests.  One of these would make an interesting gift for him.

More than anything, your brother will love your gift when he knows you took your time to find a fitting gift for him.

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