Polishing Up Your Wedding Day Look with Men’s Cufflinks

A wedding is just as special for the groom as it is the bride. The milestone life event of a wedding is one where much of the focus and detail is on the bride.  Everything from flowers to her wedding jewels are determined days before the big day.  However, it’s not to leave the groom out.  In fact, one way a groom can have a special keepsake from one of the best days of his life is with wedding cufflinks which can create a polished presentation for a sleek and modern, yet personalized, look.

Sometimes a groom’s minimal details like wedding cufflinks are overlooked and the man may feel like it is just another part of his tuxedo or suit that can be rented.  Why spend the money on renting cufflinks as part of the suit when a groom can have his own special cufflinks to keep and cherish?  The groom can choose cufflinks for his wedding that suit his own special tastes and hobbies so they can be worn as wedding cufflinks or even to a semi-formal event. 

Swanky Styles of Men’s Cufflinks

Wedding cufflinks for a groom can come in several different styles and help add that svelte polished look.  They can even be paired up with a tie tack or tie bar for a completed look if he opts out of the traditional bow tie.  Men’s cufflinks come in a wide variety of finishes, textures, and flairs and even can come customized.  The days of plain men’s cufflinks are over.  However, also note they are also very affordable.

For simplicity, a groom can choose plain 14K gold plating or silver. Now stainless steel, rose gold, and even wood are options.  Some may have semiprecious gemstones in them such as onyx and lapis while others have an antiqued look. For wedding cufflinks, a man might choose something very simple to cover his sleeve button holes or if there is a theme for the wedding, sports cufflinks might be an option or even some with animals, food or drink, gambling, holidays, politics, Star Wars, superheroes, skulls, and so much  more are options too. In fact, there are men’s wedding cufflinks that are suitable for absolutely any male and will leave him looking more dapper for this fine occasion.

Customizable Wedding Cufflinks

Many of these cufflinks can even be engraved.  This makes them a perfect gift from the bride to her groom or even a gift from his parents to wear on his special day.  Any of these classic, engravable, or even themed cufflinks will help provide a memory and a keepsake the groom can wear for other black tie events in the future or for other special occasions. They can be simply engraved to say “Mr.” or even the date of the wedding with the font of the buyer’s choice.

Tips for Brides Picking out Her Groom’s Wedding Cufflinks

Every man has his own tastes and for a bride who might not know much about cufflinks, she might be thinking of something simple with initials on it.  This can be done, of course, but she can also can take into account his interests or even shared interests that are meaningful between the couple.

Some men’s cufflinks are designed to be like lockets so the groom can wear wedding cufflinks with the picture of his bride in them.  They are also a great tribute to wear if a family member has passed and to honor them, inserting a photo of a special grandfather, grandmother, father, mother or other loved one is very special. 

Perhaps he is a big football or baseball fan and it is a shared interest with the bride.  Those designs are available too and are still classy looking. Maybe he is a dog lover or even has interest in hunting wild game.  Those men’s cufflinks are also available. 

Keep in mind what the groom would not only love to wear on his big day for wedding cufflinks but also what he might wear in the future.  Just because these cufflinks are a keepsake doesn’t mean that they have to be put back in their box and stored in the drawer.  Whether he is a suit and tie kind of guy or a blue jeans and button up shirt kind of man, there are still a wide variety of cufflinks that can dress up any outfit and add a touch of class to any outfit and suitable even for casual activities. 

Keep all of these suggestions in mind as a bride looking for a special gift for her future husband.  Not only are they precious token of love just like your wedding bands, but they are a beautiful reminder that he can continue to wear for many years in the future. 

A Token of Appreciation for the Wedding Party

It is also common for a bride and groom to offer their wedding party special gifts to thank them for participating in their special day and standing up with them during their nuptials.  Bridesmaid gifts have the tendency to be easier but many times if a groom starts to thinking about a special token of thanks, he might lean toward a flask or an engravable mug.  It is not very likely those will ever be used so it is actually a really great idea to honor groomsmen with their own set of cufflinks to wear during the wedding but to also be able to wear for their own special occasions.

Wedding cufflinks for the groomsmen are very affordable and shows that the groom went out of his way for an extraordinary gift that is also budget friendly.  For a basic and simple gift, simply choose engravable men’s cufflinks that have the individual’s own monogram on them.  However, with engravable cufflinks, they can also be even further customized.  If a group of buddies have special nicknames for one another or even just call each other by their last names, or even a phrase they all use, it can usually be engraved right on the men’s cufflinks for that extra special personalized touch.

Wedding cufflinks are a beautiful keepsake of a very special memorable day for all men involved, including the father of the bride.  Not only will a dad, father figure, or brother of the bride have the joy of walking the bride to meet her groom at the end of the aisle, but his role can also be acknowledged with stunning designer cufflinks. No man at a wedding is complete without his cufflinks and what a very joyous occasion to present them to someone who is very special to the happy couple.

Whatever is chosen will be a great gift for any man who wants to redefine his fashion image without wearing other accessories that could be more difficult to get used to wearing.  He will look dapper in his wedding duds and for years to come with his special wedding cufflinks as will his groomsmen or family members. 

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