Spooky Halloween Cufflinks are Perfect for when you want to Dress up, but are Stuck in the Office

Halloween is fast-approaching, but there’s still time to get your costume ready. Sadly, for some of us, the week leading up to Halloween is going to be spent in an office, with no opportunity to dress up, or really have some fun with the holiday. Fortunately, even the most strict of office dress codes typically leaves things like cufflinks to the discretion of the individual, which is great news for the man who owns a French cuffed shirt or two and likes to accessorize with seasonal cufflinks. We offer a wide variety of spooky and scary Halloween themed cufflinks, as well as more laid-back options like our vibrant enamel pumpkin cufflinks. We know how dull it can be sitting around at the office, or at other formal events when you want to be out in the Space Pirate Cowboy costume you spent so much time on, so hopefully these cufflinks can help sate your costume desires.Sterling Silver Pumpkin Cufflinks

These cufflinks are also a great gift choice for the men in your life. They are highly functional, but they’re also an effective statement piece that can be worn throughout the holidays. People tend to forget that cufflinks do more than just hold your cuffs together, and that they can really go all out because cufflinks are such a small part of your outfit.

A good pair of cufflinks can be so much more than just a functional piece. They transcend regular men’s accessories and become a true statement piece. Cufflinks are an easy way to show some holiday spirit, while not compromising your outfit or workplace dress code the way that awful tie you have in the back of your closet does (you know the one). A seasonal set of cufflinks, or something fun like our scary skull or spooky skeleton cufflinks, is much less likely to draw the ire of managers or eye-rolls from colleagues than a loud, obnoxiously-colored tie is.

Calico Jack Pirate CufflinksWe also have some festive pirate cufflinks to accent either your workplace attire, or the cuffs of your roguishly ruffled pirate shirt. These festive pirate cufflinks really add to an outfit in a more cutesy way than the skulls and skeletons, but still have a distinctly Halloween theme to them. We want to provide you with a number of options to fit not only your style, but also your workplace constraints. These fun Halloween cufflinks are a great way to brighten up your day, and add a little festive spirit to your wardrobe.

Of course, if skull cufflinks or skeleton cufflinks are a little ostentatious for your wardrobe (or you’re afraid those you work with would miss the point) we also offer a number of festive pumpkin cufflinks as well. The great thing about these, aside from the fact that they’re a little more laid back than pirate cufflinks and other spooky Halloween cufflinks, is the fact that they aren’t just good for Halloween wear. These cufflinks can be worn all during the fall season without looking out of place, and can really pop when paired with the appropriate outfit. Cufflinks, unlike that awful tie you should never wear again, are timeless and can be slipped on without fear of reprisal from even the most fashion-conscious coworker. We offer two styles, one with a flat design and one with some texture to match more layered looks. We know your style is your own, so we want to make sure we give you plenty of cufflink options. We have hundreds of styles, but we think these cufflinks in particular, from our skeleton cufflinks, to our scary pirate cufflinks, make the best contribution to any fall outfit.

Sterling Silver Skull Cufflinks

Best of all, these cufflinks are just plain fun. A dreary fall day suddenly seems less so if you have some fun with your day. These cufflinks are just a little silly, while also being very well-made and handsome pieces of jewelry. Let’s face it, we all tend to take ourselves a bit too seriously at times, and taking time to engage in some fun and silliness, even if that just means wearing some cufflinks with pumpkins on them, can go a long way towards making work, or your next black tie affair, a little bit more enjoyable.

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