Wedding Cufflinks: The Latest Trend in Personalized Groomsman Gifts

On the day that most people look forward to for most of their lives, details must not be overlooked.  Every wedding is carefully planned down to the last flower pedal.  It stands to reason that the grooms and groomsmen’s appearance is just as important.  This is not the time to slack off, especially when you see the most beautiful woman in your life walking towards you down the aisle.  In putting effort into your appearance, you are saying that you appreciate everything she has done to prepare for this day as well.  By getting yourself wedding cufflinks and providing them as your groomsmen gifts, you will ensure that each of you is dressed to the tens, leaving little up to chance. 

            The advantage to giving wedding cufflinks as compared to flasks or other cliché gifts is the functionality and practicality of the gift.  By giving such a quality gift, you are showing your appreciation for their friendship as the gift will last forever.  Quality groomsmen cufflinks can be passed down to their sons on their wedding day, making the gift all the more meaningful.  To guarantee that the cufflinks you choose will stay in style and match any tuxedo, choose a set that is classic yet simple.  A set of vintage engravable snap cufflinks are wonderful choice, especially for someone that is new to cufflinks.  They are easy to use and can be left plain for future personalization.  Using them for yourself as wedding cufflinks is also a great option as you can engrave the date you first wore them or any other special sentiment.  Silver tends to match most tuxedos and colors, making it an ideal choice for most wedding party cufflinks.  Gold is also another classic choice but can be harder to match with certain colors, making it clash with some wedding colors.  Rose gold is a more bold choice but is also very color specific.  This is a good thing to keep in mind when selecting the metal and color for the cufflinks.

The one thing you must be sure that you never do is choose a cufflink that is too specific as a gift.  This will render the quality useless and can make the gift seem cheesy.  Some cufflinks come with a small picture of a tuxedo on them, stay away from these!  They will make the item cheap and will not allow for reuse on a frequent basis.  You want to give groomsmen cufflinks that will last a lifetime and be reused whenever a formal occasion occurs in their life.  You don’t want them to look at your gift and think, “Gee, thanks, something I’ll never use again.”  You want them to think positively about your gift and to be grateful for it.  You don’t want them to feel as though they have to pretend to like them but rather, actually like them.  The only way to do this is to give a useful yet universal gift that all men can appreciate.  Wedding cufflinks are by far one of the best choices for groomsman gifts for this reason.

Another great choice for wedding cufflinks is set of the stainless steel engravable framed cufflinks.  These offer a classic look with a touch of personalization.  They are also on the lower end cost-wise so this makes them one of the more affordable choices for groomsmen gifts.  It also allows a little room in the budget for customization.  You can engrave the initials of 

each man into their cufflinks or leave them blank so they can customize them as they see fit.  Either way, they will appreciate such a quality gift on your special day.  Weddings are a time for new beginnings and perhaps your gift will inspire such feelings in your groomsmen.

Another thought, is to get off on the best foot with your new brother(s) and father-in-law by giving them the gift of wedding cufflinks.  This sentiment is unexpected and the quality of the gift will let them know how sincere you are about making their loved one’s life better.  A gift such as this is more about the feeling behind the gesture rather than the object being given but skipping on quality is not an option with your new family. 

Overall, no matter what choice you make, you want your future wife and groomsman to feel special.  This is a day to be celebrated.  The more thought put into the gift, the more appreciated it will be.  Whether you customize the gifts to each man or give the same gifts to all of them, the quality is by far one of the more important facts that must be considered on a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

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