Novelty Cufflink Ideas for Halloween


Halloween is almost here, and most of us have our costumes ready. Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins are all ready to make an appearance on Saturday, but what about those of us who will be attending more formal Halloween get-togethers? Well, for the men, there’s always the “tacky tie” option, but honestly that hideous tie in the back of your closet that you break out around this time of year should probably have been left in the bargain bin at the store where you found it.


So what’s a guy to do? Dressing in a full costume is a bit childish for a fancy dress party, and will probably get you at least a sharp reprimand at the office if worn in the days leading to Halloween as well. Fortunately, there’s another option: cufflinks. Cufflinks are a timeless part of men’s fashion, and are essential to any outfit that includes a shirt with French or Double cuffs. They are a centuries-old part of men’s fashion that, instead of fading out of common use in favor of barrel cuffs with buttons, are actually becoming increasingly popular in many circles. They are a true classic, and they let you wear more formal French cuffs even in business casual settings.


Novelty Cufflinks for Halloween are the perfect accessory for the classy Halloween party. The sad thing is, many men don’t realize that cufflinks are not just a functional accessory, but also a great way to add some personality or flair to an outfit.  This of course opens up a great opportunity for seasonal accessories, especially around Halloween. We have everything from charming pumpkin cufflinks, to more scary cufflinks like skeleton and skull cufflinks. We also offer a middle ground with things like pirate cufflinks for those who want something that ties into a certain theme. We want you to be able to have some Halloween fun, no matter the dress code where you work, or what sort of Halloween parties you attend.


            These novelty cufflinks are more than just a functional part of your wardrobe, although they are that as well. They are a way to express a little individuality and add some much needed personality to any outfit. They make it easy to include a bit of holiday spirit with your formal wear. These cufflinks say “I’m a mature, stable adult” while also allowing you to not take yourself quite so seriously. Above all our Halloween cufflinks, whether you go for scary cufflinks or just a simple set of pumpkin cufflinks are just plain fun. At the end of the day, this is a holiday about dressing up, scaring people, and getting candy. There’s no reason for your kids (or those obnoxious teenagers in your neighborhood) to have all the fun this Halloween. Pick up a set of pirate or skull novelty cufflinks today and have a little fun of your own.


            Best of all, these cufflinks are extremely understated and subtle which is a very good thing. Detail-oriented dressers are often seen as the most fashion conscious which is never a bad reputation to have. You can avoid the bright orange ties, and the pumpkin sweaters, and still participate in the seasonal fun, all the while maintaining quiet superiority over the guy who thought a mummy-adorned sweater vest was a good purchase. Don’t be that guy. Be the guy who dresses like an adult, but still gets into the holiday mood and has some fun. We have options to fit every mood. You can go for some understated pumpkins that can really be worn all during the fall season, or you can spring for some scary Halloween cufflinks like our spooky skulls or skeletons. Bonus: Our awesome pirate cufflinks can be worn with your suit of the day, and with the riffle-adorned pirate shirt as well. The skulls also work well as costume additions if you lean that way. For last minute costumes, a classy Devil outfit can be had with a nice suit and some easy to find devil horns, coupled with our skull cufflinks. For an added touch that makes for a great icebreaker at parties, add a scroll with a contract written on it, and carry around a black feather quill and see if you can get someone to sign away their soul (or give you their phone number as the case may be).


            Also, you need not worry about our cufflinks wearing out on you. All of our cufflinks are made with quality materials, cufflinks with pirates on them included. That means no spending money on something new each year for Halloween. These cufflinks are going to be with you for years to come, and they look so nice you’ll probably find yourself looking for an excuse to wear them more often.


            So, if you’re looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit this year, but can’t bring your costume to work, give our Halloween cufflinks a try. They look great, and add some personality to any outfit. Whether you want skulls, pirates, pumpkins, or little skeletons, you’re sure to find something to make your Halloween a little bit more fun and a lot classier.


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