Stay Classy, Gentlemen: Support Your NCAA Team with Football Cufflinks


Saturday afternoon is all about game time, supporting some of your favorite teams, maybe even your alma mater.  A sharp dressed man does not just have to wait until Saturday or a special Bowl game to show off his team pride when wearing college football cufflinks.  For all of you diehard fans, you can express your team collegiate pride with NCAA football cuff links in a variety of different styles regardless if you are working the weekdays at the office, attending a wedding, or even just having a casual night out on the town.

 2012 University of Kentucky Wildcats Championship Cufflinks

Surely as a diehard man who has a classy gentleman side along with his season tickets, you can wear your NCAA football cuff links to celebrate your team.  With the college emblem right on the edge of your sleeve, these college football cufflinks are sure to be a conversation starter.  Get to grilling, popping back a couple of cold ones, and get ready for game time all while you have tossed out your ratty old lucky t-shirt to trade it in for a sweet new pair of college football cufflinks.

2010 Auburn University Tigers Championship Cufflinks

What are your college football traditions?  Do you tail gate?  Did you used to dress up in the war paint and completely deck out in your team’s full color attire?  Sure, you can wear that old Michigan hoodie when you hang out with your buddies.  You can bust out the Notre Dame team chant or even pretend you are the top quarterback at Clemson University.  But, as you have grown up and matured, so has your taste and style.  Your love for NCAA collegiate football still burns but perhaps your taste for dressing like a college student has faded slightly. 

If you want to look classy and svelte, why not pair a nice button up shirt with a blazer for work along with your favorite college NCAA football cuff links.  They are a great conversation at the water cooler and more than likely, if you work with a bunch of other guys, they will be pretty envious of your sweet accessories. Who wouldn’t be?  If you want, you can even add a matching tie tack that matches your college football cufflinks so you have the entire set.  Now that shows style, class, and team spirit. 

Antique Football Cufflinks

For a more dressed down look, why not opt for a more casual look?  No, not holy jeans and ratty hoodies that should have been tossed years ago.  Would you really wear that out to a sports bar to watch your favorite game?  You can still look studly in a button up shirt and pair it up with jeans.  Lose the tie and the blazer.  If it is chilly enough, toss on a sweater over it. Top it off with beautiful, yet manly, college football cufflinks.

All across the United States, the country is full of avid football fans who anxiously await college football season.  It is great fun to watch the rivalries and see as each moves up closer to the top of their division.  Regardless of the team record, you can still sport the spirit without having to deck out in full school colors and many times, occasions call for more than just a t-shirt boasting your NCAA college alumni or even just your favorite team.  NCAA football cuff links are just the frosting on top of the look. 

Dartmouth College Cufflinks and Tie Bar Gift Set

Whether you are preppy, hardcore, or just a college fan, you can still feel the excitement of college football Saturday.  Not only that, but when the holidays roll around, you know that it is Bowl game time.  You might just have found your new lucky charm when you wear your NCAA football cuff links, depending on just how superstitious you might be. 

While the inner college student in you is aching to get out, stay classy.  Keep your look sophisticated and stay away from coloring your hair to match Roll Tide maroon or bright blue for Duke.  Do not become one of those football stereotypes.  Look hot.  Stay classy.  Do not be an embarrassment out in public for your friends.  You likely are not college aged anymore.  You can maintain a professional, classy, casual, and sophisticated look with just minor details of NCAA football cuff links. 

Antique Football Cufflinks

There are many college football cufflinks teams to choose from including the top teams in the nation.  They are a great gift for father’s day, birthdays, holidays, wedding gifts, wedding parties, or even just because. They would really score brownie points with a boss who does not miss a single home game.  Stay dapper and classy and for a reasonably low cost, you can wear the perfect collegiate accessory when you wear NCAA college football cufflinks.


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