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Guys, we need to talk about something important. Something that really needs to be addressed before it gets even more out of hand. Guys, your cufflinks are boring. Silver with black accents, gold circles, even just plain stainless studs...it has to stop. Cufflinks are one of the quintessential accessories that allow you a bit of freedom and creativity with your wardrobe, and every guy (or if you’re a woman who likes French cuffs with a suit) should be taking advantage of. Granted, it’s possible to step over the line separating trendy from tacky, but as long as you are on the side of fashion caution, all should be well. The trick is, you want cufflinks that are classy, maybe even bespoke, but not ostentatious. And what’s the perfect way to make sure your cufflinks reflect your individual style, while also being perfectly fashionable and not tacky?


            Engrave those bad boys.

            Antique Silver Mr. and Mr. Cufflinks

 That’s right, get some engravable cufflinks with plain or simply designed faces and have them engraved. What you have them engraved with is entirely up to you. Many men rock custom engraved cufflinks with their initials on them, but you can get engraved cufflinks with everything from your company logo, to your family crest. This opens up a wealth of design options for you, and really you’re only limited by your creativity. The most important thing about your style is that it’s your own. You can copy outfits out of GQ and Esquire all day, and be perfectly fashionable, but it’s only when you take your wardrobe into your own hands that you can really be called stylish. These types of engraved cufflinks let you do that. Own your style and your wardrobe. Use your cufflinks to make a (subtle and refined) statement. Leave the bedazzled nonsense suitable for the set of Dallas in the past, and go for a modern, beautifully engraved cufflink that is intrinsically you.


    What’s it Going to Cost?

       Palladium Engravable Locket Cufflinks

Now personalized cufflinks, complete with custom engravings and fancy designs may sound awesome, but what about the price? Well, first you’ve got to look at the cost of engravable cufflinks. You want to look for ones that are in an easy to work with, non-plated material like stainless steel, silver, gold, or platinum. Avoid titanium because it is notoriously difficult to work with which will drive the price of engraving up into the “take out a second mortgage” range. We offer a number of engravable cufflinks that are perfect for those who want a set of personalized cufflinks, either for themselves or to give as a gift. These will all serve you well in either case. They are done in easy to work with materials that will keep your engraver happy, and they are designed with engraving in mind so they have a face that’s perfect for whatever design you want.


        But what Should I have Engraved?

        Round Titanium Cufflinks

            Okay, so the cufflinks should be something you come up with but we’re at least going to give you some ideas to get started. Now, your first thought when you hear “personalized cufflinks” may immediately be to get some monogrammed cufflinks and call it a day, but there are other options out there.


Before we get into those, let’s talk about monogramming. There’s a stigma to monogramming these days that it has become the realm of college sorority girls and the mothers trying to harken back to those days. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if three people in the room have the same bag as you with their initials monogrammed in the same spot in the same color with the same font, you’re not unique anymore, you’re a punchline to a joke you missed out on. Don’t conform for the sake of fitting in. Also, guys, those awful “going out” shirts with the Ed Hardy-esque dragon and flame designs that have your initials monogrammed on the pocket need to be burnt, along with any photographs of you wearing them. And then throw the ashes away. In someone else’s trash can.


Monogramming should be reserved for accessories only. Think pens, handkerchiefs, and most importantly cufflinks. Monogrammed bedroom slippers are cute and charming, monogrammed hand towels in your guest bathroom are tacky and gauche. Learn the difference, love the contrast.


With that out of the way, let’s talk about monogrammed gifts. They are excellent ways to give a custom or “bespoke” gift, without spending a fortune. However, the sentiment is muddled a bit if you give something that shows you didn’t really put any thought into the gift. A monogrammed set of cufflinks is an excellent gift for someone who wears a lot of French Cuff shirts to the office, or attends a good number of formal events, less so for someone who can show up to work in jeans and a t-shirt (we envy you).


Now, if you want some cufflinks personalized with your own monogram, go for it. Just make sure you’ll be getting enough use out of them to justify the extra expense. Our cufflinks are perfectly priced and are ideal for monogramming or engraving. Whether you’re giving them as a gift to a friend or loved one, or just adding a bit of flair and panache to your own wardrobe, these cufflinks are sure to be appreciated by one and all. Best of all, they’re available just in time for the holiday season. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a set today!

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