Coin Cufflinks Put a Fresh Shine on a Classic Fashion Staple


Exploring the world of cufflinks is a way to open up the world of high-end fashion without taking huge risks.  Cufflinks can be subtle or they can make a statement.  No matter which avenue is chosen, they are an expression of your personality.  Hand painted coin cufflinks can express care for one’s appearance while saying something about the wearer.  Because these are hand painted, they are each one of a kind.  The colors and options are endless, allowing for anyone to be able to appreciate hand painted cufflinks.  The price for these is on the higher end, but the quality makes them well-worth it.  It also makes for a potential collector’s item in the long run.  With care and proper maintenance, these can last for generations.

If you are looking for something on the lower end, coin cufflinks come in all manners of colors and varieties.  There are some that have iconic symbols such as masonry, yin-yang, or even animals.  These would be a good choice for a birthday or holiday gift.  A good example would be the panda cufflinks that might make a wonderful gift for a zookeeper or someone who is known for their love of animals.  A history buff might appreciate the Egyptian pyramid coin cufflinks.  No matter what the personality, you can be sure you will find a set that fits. 

There is also a variety of state quarter cufflinks in which the symbol that is normally found on the back of a quarter, is on the cufflink.  The interesting and appealing part of these is that they are in full color, unlike their coin counterparts.  State quarter cufflinks are a great way to show your state pride or to simply collect them all.  Another unique idea would be to collect each state that you have visited, bringing more meaning to each cufflink.  If you are really an aficionado then adding the International coin cufflinks to your collection may also be desirable. 

Wearing coin cufflinks is a nod to the history that lies behind them.  They have been around since the 1600s but gained much of their popularity in the mid-1900s.  The development of cufflinks coincides with the development of more formal style during that time.  Shirts used to be held together with buttons and ribbons near the necks and wrists.  Cufflinks were made popular in Europe and were made out of numerous materials.  The designer Coco Chanel made fashion jewelry more acceptable overall.  Following the shortage after World War II, tie bars and many other accessories came into fashion, which are sometimes included with the purchase of some styles of cufflinks.  In the 1970s, cufflinks became less popular with the Woodstock generation, resulting in many of them being transformed into earrings.  With the arrival of the 1980s, cufflinks became popular again with the return of formal dress.

Throughout the decades and even centuries, cufflinks have always held a place in fashion.  It may not have been the most traditional place, but they have always been something special to be revered and sought after.  There are many different varieties and many different countries to choose from but perhaps the standouts for international coin cufflinks are the English variety.  English style is becoming more prevalent in the United States in the last few years so these are a must in every collection.  It is also pays homage to the initial area that brought us cufflinks.  There is no better way to stay on trend and tip your hat to the land that brought us formal fashion than international coin cufflinks.  There are also French and German cufflinks which not only pay respect to the original manufacturing countries but possibly your heritage as well, depending on which country you hail from.  The different countries cover multiple continents across the world, providing almost everyone with a potential link to their heritage.  It might even be a great idea to wear them to a family reunion or give them to the patriarch of the family as a gift. 

In the world of fashion, things are constantly changing but cufflinks have managed to make it through the centuries and still remain relevant.  There are many varieties available but the reality is that you only know what style fits you best.  Whether it is a simple set of silver cufflinks or an elaborate hand painted set of cufflinks, they are yours and it is your choice on how you express yourself.  The point of cufflinks is to make you feel good about the way you are dressed which, in turn, makes you feel good about yourself.  No matter which style you choose, be sure that it is exactly what you want because they will be around for a very, very long time.


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