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Decorated Christmas Tree Cufflinks

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, then you probably have a hard time figuring out the perfect gift for your loved one. What do you get for a Dad or brother that has everything? Holiday and Christmas cufflinks are one of those gifts that are functional and fun, especially seasonal ones. Christmas tree cufflinks can be a welcomed addition to any holly jolly man’s wardrobe when done correctly. When compared to ties, cufflinks are just as personal and add the little touch of flare that can take an outfit to the next level. A holiday tie can come off tacky, while Holiday cufflinks are so subtle, they still look classic.


Some cufflinks are livelier than others, showing the personality of the wearer. They are one of the few pieces of fashion that have stood the test of time. They have been around for centuries in fact, since the 16th century, although they did not reach the height of popularity until the 19th century. Perhaps this is because of their universal application or the ease of use. Either way, maintaining a classic wardrobe is always essential. Adding some flare to a wardrobe is what sets a man apart.


Some people can pull off wearing bright colored shirts while others miserably fail or do not feel comfortable wearing bright colors. Cufflinks can be a fashion statement or even a statement of small rebellion. Christmas tree cufflinks do not exactly fall into the rebellion category, but they do allow a man who is more classical in his wardrobe choices to make a subtle fashion statement while showing his holiday spirit.


            Diamonds can be a nice touch but tend to be too formal for most practical shirts. The style trends currently are a mixture of formal and casual elements. Taking a casual piece and adding a few formal elements can allow it to toe-the-line between casual and formal. This seems to be a trending theme in today’s fashion as people are becoming less formal in their daily interactions. Christmas cufflinks are one of the few essentials that can bring formality to a casual outfit.


            Another benefit of a quality cufflink is being able to pass it down generation to generation since they never go out of style. A family heirloom is priceless in many respects, especially when functional. Passing down something that you wore to your children or grandchildren can lead the receiver to smile every time they look at or wear the item, as they will remember the loved one who gave them such a gift. There is a slight immortality in that fact.


            There has also been a trend in weddings to do something that is memorable, no matter how small it is. Some people wear casual shoes while others pose for a funny picture. Cufflinks can also be one of those things, especially if they are a combination of best man gift and required attire for the wedding. A Christmas wedding would be a great place for Christmas tree cufflinks as it adds a fun flare to a required wedding item. Flasks have had their day in the sun for best man gifts but with a vast majority of people becoming more health conscious, cufflinks fill that spot in the world of weddings.

As with many other style choices, the event for the outfit must be considered. How will the audience react to the Christmas trees on your sleeves? If your leaning on the side of a conservative crowd, consider what type of cufflink they would respond best to, likely something classic. Whether the event takes place during the day or night also needs to be taken into consideration. Are you going for a casual lunch or a black tie event? Most rules about certain style items are thrown out the window during the holidays, especially in regards to ties, sweaters, and cufflinks. Wearing something that makes a bold statement during the holidays is usually well received when it is holiday related.


The most important thing about style choices is that they make you feel more confident. If you are not comfortable in your appearance, it will likely not be received well, no matter what you are wearing. Being yourself and wearing what makes you smile will make others smile in return. Putting an emphasis on making yourself feel comfortable with your style is essential to being able to relax and actually enjoy the holidays.


While there are endless amounts of styles on the market, cufflinks have been around for centuries and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Putting a spin on something classic is effortless and a great place to start adding flare to your wardrobe. Do not be afraid to push the boundaries of your comfort zone as it may lead to some surprising results and possibly open a whole new world of fashion.


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