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Cufflinks have always been associated with classy men. The earliest cufflink dates back to the 1600’s but didn’t become the modern cufflink we’re used to seeing until the mid-nineteenth century. The frills of the aristocracy of the eighteenth century gave way to the working classes and so a more practical approach was needed to clothing, no more ribbons keeping shirts together anymore! Cufflinks were becoming more practical and more widely available at this point to, thanks to the Industrial Revolution. And now, cufflinks are available in incredible patterns, colors, shapes, and styles. They can complement your most formal suit while still showing off your personal style. So here is a quick guide to a cufflinks how to.


            Everyone has at least one formal event in their lives. Or perhaps you have a more conservative occupation in which you need to wear high end attire. This is your cufflink how to for formalwear. Suits tend to lack much color variety so the easiest way for you to show off your personal style is with the little accessories. Socks have been a great way for men to have fun with their outfits, but no one sees your socks. Ties can be a great way to showcase yourself, but it is not recommended to wear a comical tie to a formal wedding or to an important business meeting. However, with the wide variety of cufflinks out there, they make it easy for you to have fun while still being formal and appropriate for any solemn occasion. Your cuffs on your shirt will also help determine which style of cufflinks you’ll need. If you have a French cuff (double length cuffs, folded back on themselves) then you will want a double-panel cufflink that has designs on both sides. If you have a single cuff shirt you may want to choose a single sided cufflink because only one side will be visible.


            But what about casual wear? What’s the cufflinks how to for wearing them regularly, even if not to work? Men, the rules of fashion are constantly being bent or thrown out in general. Men are no longer subjugated by stiff rules and lack of variety in fashion when it comes to casual wear. The number one rule to follow is: fashion is attitude. You can wear what you want, just wear it with confidence. You can easily put on a nice pair of jeans complimented with a plaid button up, solid colored casual jacket, slim tie, your favorite vintage sneakers, and a set of cufflinks. When you wear them casually you really get to have fun with what you choose because you aren’t restricted in any way. This is truly your time to shine with your wardrobe, so do it!


            The beauty of cufflinks is that you can wear them formally or casually because they add that extra pop to your outfit and they show that you took the time to really put yourself together. Cufflinks are no longer only for special occasions. They are for your everyday wear, for your formal wear, for your date wear, and so on. There are a lot of cufflinks how to information, but just remind yourself that fashion is attitude and no one can tell you that you can’t wear cufflinks every day if that’s what you want to do. Go for it men, it’s time to make the cufflink a big part of your wardrobe.

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