Formal Cufflinks

When dressing for a formal event you need to have an eye for the details of your ensemble. From head to toe, the details can make or break an outfit. This includes your hair style, your tie, your tie’s knot, your socks, and finally, your cufflinks. Cufflinks used to be the key element in wardrobes of the upper echelon, but not anymore. More and more men and women are utilizing cufflinks in formal settings, from business settings to black tie affairs. Formal cufflinks can be fun and set you apart with a hint of whimsy in an outfit while still being deemed appropriate.


            The definition of formal is constantly changing as the world of fashion changes. However, there are some classics that will always be considered more formal. When looking at formal cufflinks you can consider classic metals like silver or gold. You can also consider mother of pearl or abalone as wonderful basics that will match almost everything. Silk knot formal cufflinks are also a great staple to have in your cufflink collection, these are a classic cufflink that can be dressed up or down and can add a pop of color to any outfit. Women have been using silk knot cufflinks more often as well because they can replace the boring buttons for that extra little something for their outfits and can easily coordinate with other accessories. Often times you will see the classic metals with a fun texture or pattern but they still maintain their original formal feel. Metal cufflinks are also often times able to be engraved, thus making them custom and individual, just for you.


            However, formal cufflinks are not just made of the classic metals, and they are can be more than just a basic shape. Obviously, you want to spring for a higher quality cufflink to maintain the formal cufflink status quo. Thanks to technology your options are vast. High end cufflinks are made of many different materials and can come in some fantastic bright colors with fun patterns and textures. When looking to dress up an outfit with formal cufflinks, have fun with it. Cufflinks are a subtle way to show off who you are without being too brazen, which is necessary in formal situations. Cufflinks now have incredible details and whether or not they are officially considered formal they can dress up any outfit. However, a good general rule of thumb is that you want your cufflinks to compliment your watch because they will be in close proximity. Women would want the cufflinks to compliment any other jewelry they are using with their outfits.


            Cufflinks are an easy accessory to use for every occasion. Formal cufflinks can make any person look and feel more debonair and confident. They can offset your outfit perfectly while adding a little something special without being too over the top. Until you give cufflinks a try you may not realize what an impact they can make on your style and your confidence. Have fun with your cufflinks and let them compliment your style and your personality in every situation.

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