Designer Cufflinks- Add a Subtle Dash of High End Class


Though cufflinks themselves have been around for several hundred years it wasn’t until fairly recently that high end designers really started embracing cufflinks as an outlet for their creativity. The cufflink always posed a particular problem for many designers- a very small area to display their work. Yes, cufflinks have often been made with quality materials since their inception, but that doesn’t mean that they were particularly artful in their designs. The upper classes would have cufflinks encrusted with precious gems as a symbol of their wealth and power, but that trend would eventually give way to a more conservative, but still high end, style of cufflink. Today, there are many designer cufflinks available on the market thanks to technology and We, at Cufflink Aficionado, are proud to offer the very best of them.


            Have you heard of Pforzheim, Germany? It isn’t a very big city, but, it is a well-known for its citizen’s craftsmanship in jewelry and watch-making which is why it is affectionately called “Goldstadt” or the “Golden City”. This city was home to a very famous cufflink designer; Victor Mayer. Victor Mayer was an immensely creative and successful man that could adapt his style to fit the trends of the time, and did just that over a period of four decades. Even him leaving his company didn’t stop him from continuing to add beautiful designs to his company’s repertoire, which he did until right up until his death at the age of eighty-eight. He founded his company in 1890 and they embraced the concept of providing beautiful, high quality designs while maintaining the traditional ways of making their art pieces. Even to this day his company embraces traditional jewelry making which you can see in each of their designs. For example, their stunning designer cufflinks have a beautiful mix of subtle design, attention to the most delicate of details, and yet still utilize precious gems without being overwhelming or too brazen.


            Nowadays, if you search for designer cufflinks, link after link will pop up with price tags ranging from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of your hard earned dollars. You can find designer cufflinks of every color, material, and shape. Advances in jewelry making has made it possible to create a high end look with materials Victor Mayer never would have dreamed of being able to use in ways that he probably never would have thought possible.


            Technology has also made it possible for a lot of designer cufflink knock offs to exist, which is one of the biggest reasons to make sure that when you buy cufflinks you are purchasing from a reputable retailer.  When you visit you can feel confident that you are getting a high quality product from a respected online retailer. They are proud of the variety of cufflinks they have to offer you and adore catering to the men and women in the world that want to make a strong fashion statement and express their personality in every and any situation. They are here to help you embrace a subtle dash of high end class with their beautiful designer cufflinks.

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