Cufflink Cases: Protecting Your Cufflinks

cufflink cases


Since a collection of cufflinks can be a significant investment, and many of them feature 14K gold plating, keeping your collection safely stowed away in a cufflink case would be prudent. Cufflink storage boxes will not only protect your sets from being lost, but also work to keep them organized so you they are ready to where when you need them. An additional benefit of storing them in a case is that they will not need to be polished or repaired as often as those recklessly thrown onto a nightstand or into a dresser drawer. Cufflinks look great in a display box, and a quality cufflink box also makes a stylish and masculine accessory or an exceptional gift.


From the smaller travel case which holds up to six pairs and the 15 pair cufflink valet with a customizable name plate to the serious master cufflink collector’s case which comfortably accommodates 180 pairs and has a glass display top, Cufflink Aficionado carries a complete line of cufflink storage and display cases for any discerning cufflinks collector.




  • 15 Pair Black Valet Cufflinks Case - This 15 Pair Valet Case features a plate that can be engraved on the locking lid. The Valet case can be used for multiple purposes, like housing your watches and rings beneath your collection of cufflinks. The engravable option adds a personal touch to a gift with room for dates, names, or even a short message for the one, your love. A chic way to keep all your accessories safe and secure in one place.







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