Giraffe Cufflinks


Strange as they are beautiful, giraffes have the honor of being the tallest animal in the known world towering over others at an impressive sixteen to twenty feet. Striding across the African landscape on six foot legs, these amazing creatures have been the admiration of major attractions and zoos worldwide.

Some of the most interesting facts about giraffes is that they are the world’s most awake animal. They only require between ten minutes to two hours of sleep throughout any given day. They also rarely sit down spending the majority of their lives on their feet.

Here are some additional fun facts concerning giraffes that you might be interested to learn:

  • Similar to human fingerprints and snowflakes, no two giraffes have the same spot pattern.
  • Giraffes are a symbol for intuition and flexibility in New Age religion.
  • A giraffe's 6-foot neck weighs approximately 600 pounds.
  • Giraffes defend themselves with a deadly kick.
  • Giraffes can reach running speeds up to 35 miles an hour over short distances.

Thanks to the hard work of many conservationists, the species is not on any endangered list and has only been labeled “concerned” due to the fact that their habitat has been slowly changing and they are also targeted by larger prey and human hunters. According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, a new study has shown that the Giraffe population has declined by forty-percent over the last fifteen years with only 80,000 or so left in the wild.

Steps are also being taken worldwide and in countries like Nigeria where laws are being passed to protect these beautiful animals so that their population can stabilize and grow. Unlike the elephant, many African countries are realizing the threat before it is in full force giving the giraffe a chance to survive. If you are wondering how to help preserve the giraffe population, then consider boycotting products made with giraffe body parts and advocate others to follow suit.

You can stand mighty and tall with these beloved, friendly giants with a pair of beautifully crafted Giraffe Cufflinks. Made from the highest quality sterling silver, you can show the rest of the world that giraffes are something to take seriously. They are also amazing conversation starters to educate people on the giants that roam the African countryside.