Tuxedo Stud Sets: A Guide to Classic Black Tie Wear


As the saying goes…if you look good, then you feel good. Even research has proven that attractive people are treated better in public and tend to experience more success than those who are less visually appealing. However, many people cringe at the thought of dressing up in formal attire for events and simply fail to heed the recommended protocol regarding black tie fashion. From being invited to weddings and inaugurations to dinner parties and attending the opera, there are a variety of social occasions that will always mandate a black tie dress code. Remember to update the finer details of your formal wardrobe, like decorative tuxedo stud sets on a regular basis. These are the accessories that will ensure a sophisticated look. So, the next time that you receive an invitation to a formal function don’t fret, instead accept it with confidence and remember to have fun with the details.  

Classic Black Tie Accessories

Did you know that a black tie dress code is actually less formal than white tie? White tie, also commonly referred to as full evening dress, is the most formal dress code in the United States. However, black tie is arguable more popular today. Here are some classic accessories that will work to put the finishing touches on your outfit:

  • Tuxedo stud sets - Used to add a decorative flair to evening dress shirts, tuxedo studs are used instead of buttons.

  • Suspenders - Although they are never meant to be visible, suspenders play an important role in putting the finishing touches to your tuxedo.

  • Pocket Squares - Typically made of silk, a plain white pocket square will work to compliment any black tie.

  • Cufflinks - Used to fasten the cuffs on a dress shirt, cufflinks are available in a variety of styles and colors, but should at least match tuxedo studs.

Cufflink Aficionado provides an opportunity to showcase your personality and style when attending any formal event with an extensive collections of cufflinks and tuxedo stud sets available for purchase. Not only can you shop for engraved sets that are custom-made and would make the perfect keepsakes for those difficult to buy for individuals in your life, but you can also find cufflinks storage cases and boxes to create your own display. In addition to making a fashion statement, whether they are for the father of the bride, or the groomsmen; cufflinks stud sets also make the perfect souvenir to celebrate significant milestones such as wedding, graduations and anniversaries.

If you are wondering what style, or color of accessories to wear to your first black tie event to avoid looking too flamboyant, then it is recommended that you choose either onyx or mother of pearl. When you are comfortable wearing cufflinks on a regular basis, then you can consider dawning personalized sets off to show off the support of your favorite sports team, or even accent your formal wear with sets that tell people what your hobbies are. We welcome you to browse through our collection and find your favorite sets.