Animal Cufflinks

At Cufflink Aficionado, we offer a broad range of animal cufflinks. From sterling silver bulldog cufflinks to longhorn steer cufflinks, from scorpions to howling wolves. Try on a pair of our dragonfly cuff links, or adorn the cuffs of your freshly pressed shirt with a set of American Bald Eagle cufflinks. Round out that perfect outfit with a unique pair of sterling silver shark cufflinks, or why not try a handsome set of lobsters cufflinks.

From scaly alligators to the cute fuzzy kittens that have so many videos on the Internet, everybody seems to have a special place in their hearts for animals. Each year scientists estimate between 200 to 2,000 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammal become extinct, and that rate is growing. Many species face possible extinction due to deforestation, or other significant changes in their environment. Some animals, plants, and insects can adapt to their new surroundings, but many others cannot.
The International Fund for Animal Welfare was able to make great strides in protecting preserves where elephants lived and cut down the trade in ivory. Their other work includes trying to stop trophy hunting and working towards getting the US Department of Agriculture to have more protections in zoos and other places where large cats and bears live in captivity. It is surprising how many programs are available to help combat the deforestation and the loss of habitat that so many animals face. A fine balance exists between the developing world and the creatures that live where humans are expanding. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has been striving to protect large populations of animals from extinction due to habitat changes and illegal hunting. The organization has been tirelessly working to further animal protection since 1969. They also strive to provide support and assistance to animals affected by natural disasters. These efforts can turn the tide and save as many species as possible.
How can you get a conversation going about these great advancements for protecting nature and getting people aware of the tragedy of extinction? One way to do that is to have a unique item in your wardrobe that gets people to ask questions. People are always attracted to things that stand out to them, and one such item happens to be cufflinks. Animal cufflinks are a great addition to any men’s wardrobe to show support for the many causes. You can find anything from American Eagle to Black Labrador Cufflinks. These animal cufflinks come in all different animal shapes and sizes. Crafted out of the best materials, there are many styles of cufflinks available to choose from including bullet back, whale, and plate based closures.
These sets are elegant and great for social occasions, meetings with clients, and other formal events where you want to stand out and show character and originality. Cufflink Aficionado has made it possible to support animal preservation, and look great while doing it.