Classic Cufflinks

It’s no longer a secret that Cufflink Aficionado has one of the most comprehensive collections of Classic Cufflinks online. But, what makes a cufflink a classic? Traditional black tie calls for mother of pearl or onyx cufflinks, and we also offer matching onyx studs for weddings or other special occasions. All-silver styles of men’s classic cufflinks such as sterling silver knots are always correct for business and social occasions. Add a bit of color without giving up a classic look by choosing cabochon stones, crystals, or enamels to complement the colors of your outfit.

When getting ready for a formal event, it is important to take into account all of the different aspects that come together to make your look better than ever. This is the perfect collection to add some extra sophistication and sleek accents to your formal wear. These cufflinks add just enough of a touch to help your look stand out in just the way you want to. The diversity of this collection also makes it very easy to find just the right set that compliments your look, as well.

Take the next step with classic geometrics like argyle, tartan, and stripe patterns. Cufflink Aficionado offers these cufflink styles, as well as semiprecious stones in a variety of classic shapes including square, round, tube, and rectangular shapes.

Every classic cufflink gives a man a chance to impress with understated elegance. Browse through our classic cufflinks and find what you need to complete your suit. If there is something you are looking for but can't find, please give us a call at (800) 985-9762.

If you are wondering which style cufflinks to wear for a particular event, then here are some general guidelines:

• Gold - Cufflink Aficionado sells a variety of 14K Gold Plated Cufflinks that can be paired with any outfit to promote a timeless look. Since Gold Cufflinks are among the most elegant and valuable styles on the market, they are only recommended to be worn at formal events.

• Platinum - Cufflinks made from platinum are also very desirable because they are durable and resistant to corrosion. Platinum cufflinks are also ideal for formal events.

• Titanium - Titanium cufflinks are perfect for all occasions because they are lightweight and strong.

• Mother of Pearl - Made from material found in shells, Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are suggested for formal events because they are organic and valuable.

• Stainless Steel - Curved Stainless Steel Cufflinks can be worn for all occasions and are fashionable.

• Sterling Silver Knot Stud Set - Recommended for business & social occasions, all-silver styles of men’s classic cufflinks such as these are always correct.

• Sterling Square Cufflinks - Ideal for everyone from graduates to groomsmen, these Sterling silver square cufflinks are simple and elegant.

• American Flag Cufflinks - Celebrate the glorious Stars and Stripes with the USA Flag Cufflinks. Let vibrant Red, White and Blue enamel pop off your cuff. A great patriotic gift, the US Flag Cufflinks, show off your love of the best country in the world.