Cufflinks Storage Cases & Boxes

When you invest in a fine collection of cufflinks, you should also have a fine cufflinks storage case in which to store them. Tossing a pair of cufflinks onto the night stand is a great way to lose them, and carelessly stored cufflinks can end up requiring costly repair or cleaning and repolishing sooner than otherwise needed. Keep your cufflinks protected from damage and loss in a classy cufflinks storage box.

Besides, your cufflinks will look great in a display box. Your cufflinks will always be right where you need them, organized and ready to wear.  A well-made cufflink box is a stylish and masculine accessory for your dressing table and makes an exceptional gift.

Aside from the leather cufflinks cases, this collection also features a red mahogany collector’s case which holds up to 20 pairs of cufflinks, as well as a Black Crocodile print case which has a crocodile embossed pattern with an interior velvet lining and a glass top, holding up to 20 pairs of cufflinks as well. Our travel cases also make traveling with your cufflinks easier than ever. From the Brown Croc Compartment travel case to the camouflage travel case, or the sleek black travel case, you can ensure that your cufflinks will be kept save and secure during your travels for business or pleasure.

.Cufflink Aficionado offers glass-topped cufflinks cases that showcase your prized collection while keeping your cufflinks safe. We also offer leather cases. From the smaller travel case which holds up to six pairs to the 15 pair cufflink valet with engravable name plate to the serious master cufflink collector’s case which comfortably accommodates 180 pairs and has a glass display top, we carry a complete line of cufflink storage and display cases for any discerning cufflinks collector!