Money Clips & Tie Bars

This collection of tie bars and money clips have everything you need to complete your look, hold your tie in place, and keep your cash on hand while looking your best. This collection is incredibly diverse, and works perfectly if you are looking for the perfect gift idea. 

Use the different search options to find what you are looking for. This collection has pretty much anything you could think of; Baseball teams, College Logo's, Star Wars sets, Batman sets, Hidden message money clips and tie bars, Gift sets for Father's Day, varsity stripes money clips that double as bottle openers, and so much more! 

No matter who you are shopping for, this collection of money clips and tie bars more than likely has it in a few different styles. Perfect your look with matching cufflinks and tie bar, or an awesome money clip that's exactly what you're looking for. Take your time and browse through the 24 or so pages of these gift sets, money clips, and tie bars to find your favorite. If you are looking for something in particular but cannot find it just let us know; it might be somewhere else on the site.