• Massachusetts State Coin Cufflinks

Massachusetts State Coin Cufflinks

$ 125.00

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My family and I traveled to Boston in early 2004 and feel directly responsible for ending the Red Sox's eighty-plus year drought and annihilating the infamous "Curse of the Bambino." Why? Well, was it simply pure coincidence that the same year we decided to be tourists in the great city of Boston, sampling the delicious clam chowder and walking the entire Freedom Trail, that the Red Sox won the World Series? I think not. If you love the Red Sox, Boston or the entire Bay State, then the beautifully crafted Massachusetts Coin Cufflinks would make a perfect accessory for your wardrobe.

NOTE: Coins are not shown in actual size. Coins are hand painted and come in assorted colors. Each coin is painted before the final plastic coating process. Colors seen on this web site may vary slightly and are not guaranteed. Lead time could be up to 2 weeks from date of order.

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