• New Mexico State Coin Cufflinks

New Mexico State Coin Cufflinks

$ 125.00

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New Mexico is abundant with Native American influence, from its architecture to its art to its delicious cuisine. Celebrate New Mexico with these gorgeous New Mexico State Coin Cufflinks. They feature the Zia sun symbol over an outline of the state and the inscription, "Land of Enchantment." The Zia Indians feel the sun is a very sacred symbol. The circle in the middle is representative of love and life, while the four groups of rays emanating from each side are representative of the four periods of the day, the four directions of the compass, the four seasons of the year and the four phases of our lives.

NOTE: Coins are not shown in actual size. Coins are hand painted and come in assorted colors. Each coin is painted before the final plastic coating process. Colors seen on this web site may vary slightly and are not guaranteed. Lead time could be up to 2 weeks from date of order.

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