• North Carolina State Coin Cufflinks

North Carolina State Coin Cufflinks

$ 125.00

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I was never a big fan of donuts. Colleagues would bring them to work on Monday mornings and I would routinely skip over them and head straight for the coffeepot. That was until the day I had my first Krispy Kreme and almost fainted in ecstasy. Who here knew that Krispy Kreme was born and raised in North Carolina? Not me! If you love Krispy Kreme, Duke University or hail from the state yourself, these North Carolina State Coin Cufflinks showcasing the Wright brothers' first flight, are a perfect addition to your accessories.

NOTE: Coins are not shown in actual size. Coins are hand painted and come in assorted colors. Each coin is painted before the final plastic coating process. Colors seen on this web site may vary slightly and are not guaranteed. Lead time could be up to 2 weeks from date of order.

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