• Wisconsin State Coin Cufflinks

Wisconsin State Coin Cufflinks

$ 125.00

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I don't think I can convey with words how much I love cheese. At a buffet in Vegas once, I piled up a plate so high with different cheeses, my husband did not want to sit with me. This is why I think I was meant to be born in Wisconsin. If you love Wisconsin or cheese as much as I do, these Wisconsin State Coin Cufflinks are a great addition to your collection. They feature a tribute to dairy and agriculture with an ear of corn, cheese and a cow and the inscription "Forward," the state's motto.

NOTE: Coins are not shown in actual size. Coins are hand painted and come in assorted colors. Each coin is painted before the final plastic coating process. Colors seen on this web site may vary slightly and are not guaranteed. Lead time could be up to 2 weeks from date of order.

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